Genzler Amplificationというベースアンプの日本サイトで、PDPのレビューがUPされてるんだよん。渡米前にいつものスタジオLABOで試奏してきました!
There is the page of the Genzler amp review by PDP on their site of Japan. We had test play at studio LABO before coming to U.S.

You know, PDP loves old tube amp sound, so we didn’t know how do we feel about its sound. But we were surprised, its have a powerful sound!!

My eb3 is always hard to make good sound, but this amp is best sound among solid state amp, we think.

Myセットである、古いマーシャルsuper Bassと、マーシャルの18インチ一発のスピーカーキャビという組み合わせに負けず劣らずの低音再生能力。
Its bass reproduction sound is as good as my old marshall amp and 1×18 cabinet speaker.

Of course,it’s not same as tube amp sound, but if I use solid state amp, I’d like to use Genzler. It is no compliment.
写真に Lucy が写ってるのはいつものことw
That always happens, Lucy in the photo.

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