Pedals & Dr. Martens!!


This photo at Tomcats west in Fort Worth TX. Only foot area.

So you can see our pedals for this tour. Mine is only 1 pedal and tuner.

The pedal is Booster called Red Rooster by DAM. When I play with my Marshall amp and my 1×18 cabinet speaker in Japan, I don’t need the pedal. I can make my sound only my amps.

When I use it, never off because it help my sound. It makes clear sound adding. It’s not distortion pedal. But if I can not enough volume of amp, it doesn’t work well. But it’s very important for me, thank you!

And we’re wearing Dr.Martens boots always. I chose an engineer boots for this tour. I chose long boots for last tour because it was cold season more.

いまや私の下駄箱には唯一のサンダル(ビルケンシュトック)を除いてあと全部マーチンになった!あ、今回のツアー用に飛行機ん中とか日常歩きやすくて持ち運びしやすい折りたためるバレエシューズのバタフライツイストをひとつ導入したんだった。あ、あとサンタモニカのビーチで砂まみれになってビーチサンダル買ったっけかw いかんいかん増えとるがな(笑)
In my shoe cupboard in Japan, there are all Dr.Martens boots except only one Birkenstock sandal. oh, I bought a ButterflyTwists which foldable ballet shoes for staying airplane and room. ahh, I bought a beach sandal in Santa Monica because I couldn’t wear my boot in the beach. Oh no, I added some.

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